Huracan Lamborghini Videos

Nitrous-Injected Lamborghini Huracan Flies Down Drag Strip

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“I need NOS. I need NOS. My car topped out at 140 mph this morning…I need one of these, one of the big ones. Actually, you know let’s make it two.” – Brian O’Conner, lover of the tuna fish sandwich and played by Paul Walker.

Many were introduced to nitrous oxide injected cars thanks to Fast and Furious. And though many weren’t able to inject their cars with nitrous oxide back in the day, they were able to do it virtually through Need for Speed: Underground.

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But for those who have had the chance to drive a car that gets a little extra pep via nitrous shots know that they can throw you back into your seat. But what about when you put nitrous into a car that’s already remarkably fast like the Lamborghini Huracan? In the video below you’ll get to see a nitrous inject Huracan take on a Ford Lightning at the recent FL2K event. Click play to watch it, and try and guess the Huracan’s nitrous shot for the chance to win a DragTimes shirt.

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