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Ford GT’s Aerodynamics and Design Explained

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If you need another reason to lust after the new Ford GT, some of the finer details of the body styling have been released.

In a video uploaded December 1st to the Ford Performance YouTube page, Garen Nicoghosian, exterior design manager at Ford Motor Company, and Bernie Marcus, aerodynamicist, highlight how the design department worked together with engineering to build the latest American Supercar.

“When you start talking about the design of the Ford GT, it’s never just “let’s just sketch somethin’ cool,”” said Nicoghosian in the video. “It’s a celebration of material. It’s a celebration of performance, of iconic style, of heritage, of the future of the company. And the role you play as the designer in a design team with a set of surfaces that are not just pleasing to look at, but deliver on all of these, that’s a pretty sizeable challenge.”

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(Source: YouTube)