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MotorTrend Reviews the Pagani Huayra (Video)

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Our friends at MotorTrend have once again created a fantastic video. In another episode of their weekly YouTube series “Ignition,” MotorTrend reporter Jonny Lieberman test drives Horacio Pagani’s personal Pagani Huayra in Modena, Italy. The sound of the monstrous hand-built twin-turbo AMG V12 alone is enough to raise the hair on your neck. The feel of being within the cabin of this exclusive hypercar is enough to make you want to watch again and again. We can only imagine how Lieberman felt behind the wheel.

The serpentine roads of Modena challenge the car and the driver. With every straightaway, you hear Lieberman laughing excitedly to the thrust of the Huayra hurling itself past trees and mountainside ledges. As he cruises along, he describes the unique qualities of the car, describing the architecture inside and out and opening our eyes to exactly how to truly appreciate a hand built 730 hp monster.

Pagani is a company that stands behind their cars with a spiritual passion, a true dream.

“Is it the fastest car in the world? No. Is it the absolute best handling car in the world? No. Does it cost too much? Yes! It’s $1.4 million. It’s the same price as a LaFerrari, and it doesn’t make as much power and it’s not gonna be as quick, but, you just won’t care,” says Lieberman in the video.

He goes on to explain how the vehicle is one man’s vision, one man’s dream, and how it’s been created from the ground up in a Modena shop with 80 well-picked employees. Lieberman couldn’t be more right. The one thing that truly separates automobiles from each other is the company behind them, and Pagani is a company that stands behind their cars with a spiritual passion, a true dream.

We hope you enjoyed the video, as we certainly did.

We’d also like to tip our hats to Anthony Esposito for the fantastic cinematography.