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Tesla Model S vs Model X Ludicrous Mode Drag Race

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Ever wondered which Tesla vehicle would win in a drag race? Drag Times driver, Brooks, did as well and decided to put the two models to the test. They took a 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous in Deep Blue Metallic and a 2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous out to the track to see how the cars would perform against each other. To make the race more interesting, Brooks had his wife behind the wheel of the Model X, and she’s never drag raced before.

What they discovered through a series of runs though, was pretty amazing. First and foremost, the races showed that the Model X might have set the record for the fastest electric SUV quarter mile, which would place the Model X in the top of its class. The races were incredibly close– the Model S won by just .19 of a second in the race where both vehicles had an equal start– but weight difference (the Model X comes in around 600 lbs heavier than the Model S) shows that the Model X pushes more power than the Model S even though both vehicles are equipped with the same powertrain with dual motors.

Check out the series of races below and see how the Model X performed against the Model S.

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