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POV of the Fastest Isle of Man TT Lap, Ever

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At this year’s Isle of Man TT race, Michael Dunlop had one mission– to crush lap times. The Isle of Man TT is known for its dangerous course and is even deemed one of the most dangerous courses to date. In fact, each year, racers lose their lives to the course. Michael Dunlop was up for the challenge.

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Winning the RST Superbike race, Dunlop clocked the first ever lap time under 17 minutes on the infamous Mountain Course. The second place participant, Ian Hutchinson, was a full 19 seconds behind him. In his fasted lap, Dunlop hit over 133 mph. The video below catalogs over 16 minutes of the race, where you can watch Dunlop’s technique as he laps one driver after another, taking the lead and ultimately winning the race.

Check out the full video below.

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