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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with Akrapovič Evolution Titanium Exhaust System [Video]

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Akrapovic has created an exhaust system for the SLS AMG Coupe/Roadster that turns an already beastly car, into a beast with a voice made for singing in a metal band.  The exhaust is made out of a titanium alloy that makes the SLS lighter, louder and faster.

Here are the hard facts on the exhaust:

The Evolution system:
• Titanium link pipes with resonators
• Titanium muffler
• Carbon fiber / titanium tail pipes
• Wireless kit for exhaust valves

Hard facts:
• Plus 12 HP (at 5,820 rpm)
• Plus 13 Nm / 10 lbs-ft of torque (at 5,720 rpm)
• 12 kg / 27 lbs. lighter than stock

Yes, there is a wireless kit for the valves.  If you would like to be a little on the quiet side, hit the button and the valves close.  Would you like to scare the neighborhood?  Push the button, open up the valves, and listen to your SLS roar.

(Via – Akrapovic)