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McLaren P1 Pushed to Limits in the Desert (Video)

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McLaren is ensuring that their upcoming supercar, the P1, excels in every condition found on Earth’s surface. This is why they brought the McLaren P1 to the 120+°F deserts of the Western United States and pushed it to its limits.

An undisguised Carbon Black P1 was taken to the roads out West for some heat testing as engineers worked through a number of final durability tests before the the car’s release. But with 50 years of race-winning technology and expertise backing the P1, McLaren had to ensure that the supercar would also perform in these harsh conditions.

This is why, in the video below, you see the P1 testing not only on the road, but on a desert track. The team at McLaren pushed the boundaries of all systems and components on the track in the blistering heat to ensure that car can continue McLaren’s legacy race-winning history in competition. Be sure to watch the video below to see it all take place.

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(Source: McLaren)