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McLaren P1 Hits Track After 36 Hours of Ownership

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It’s a fair bet to say that most McLaren P1s are destined spend their lives in a garage, sitting and waiting to appreciate in value and be sold. However, there are owners out there that know and utilize the true purpose of the P1: go fast.

Michael Benham is one of those owners, and he did not wait a moment longer than was necessary to put his P1 to work. In a video uploaded to YouTube Sept. 18 by McLaren Automotive, Benham is seen taking his P1 out on the Spa Francorchamps after only 36 hours of ownership. This was made possible after his 500-mile road trip across Europe to attend a Pure McLaren track day at the circuit.

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“It’s been quite an experience. I wasn’t really expecting for the difference. I have actually driven an F1 car… so I had an idea about what high-downforce cars are like,” Benham said in the video.  “I still wasn’t prepared for how much of a step this is certainly above a road car, and how capable it is as compared to a race car…The tires are the limit on this thing.”

Be sure to check out the video above. Would you take a P1 to the track after owning it for only 36 hours?

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(Source: McLaren Automotive / YouTube)

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