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McLaren P1 GTR Comes Inches From Wrecking On Laguna Seca Corckscrew

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If something automotive related happens in California, you can bet that Effspot will be on-hand to witness it. Case-in-point, the McLaren GTR private track days at Laguna Seca.

He was on hand to watch P1 GTRs take to the track and see how they fared through the famous “corkscrew” turn. One P1 GTR in particular was being driven by a professional driver who Effspot says was trying to set a lap time that clients could try and match or beat. “He was going absolutely 100%,” he said in the description of a video published on March 12.

In the previously mentioned video, found below, we see the pro driver taking the P1 GTR through the corkscrew. Just about halfway through the turn he spins out, causing him to come feet, maybe inches, from crashing into the concrete wall. Thankfully, he recovered and nobody was injured. Check out the video for yourself and see what could have been a multi-million dollar crash.

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