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McLaren F1 Engine Pulled by Jay Leno (Video)

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This might possibly be “the scariest thing we have ever done here on Jay Leno’s Garage,” says Jay Leno as he stands in front of the powertrain pulled from his McLaren F1. He says that every 20 years he likes to take the engines out take a look at them, and after 17 years of owning his McLaren F1, the engine looks just about brand new.

The naturally aspirated engine, when not pulled, will produce 627 hp. Gordon Murray was the man behind this famous engine, McLaren’s Technical Director from 1987 to 2006. When designing the McLaren F1, he wanted a naturally aspirated engine, instead of a supercharged or turbocharged one, because an NA engine is more reliable, less complex and gives the driver more control. BMW’s motorsport division “BMW M” were the designers and creators of the engine.

Leno put together this video, where he briefly goes over the famous car’s powertrain. Watch the video below to learn more about the car’s powertrain, exhaust, fuel cell, engine bay and more. Be sure to watch it below.