720S McLaren Videos

McLaren 720S vs Ferrari F12tdf & Porsche 918 Spyder

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One of the biggest drag racing events this year is happening in Bradenton, Florida this weekend. In order to be a proficient racer, it is wise to study the competition to see if you stand a chance. We’ve heard rumors that McLaren’s last few Super Series cars are able to punch above their weight, but perhaps it’s simply superior engineering. The new 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 certainly sounds different than the predecessors, so maybe the 720S is something revolutionary.

McLaren 720S Rev Battle

Call it what you want to. Sandbagging is a brutal tactic, designed to trick everyone into believing you are at full power. To see it in action, McLaren San Francisco invited a Ferrari F12tdf and a Porsche 918 to Thunderhill Raceway. As a control for the experiment, a 675LT was also brought along. A German, an Italian and two English superheroes meet up for battle in the Central Valley.  No spoilers here, except the active ones on these supercars. Tell us what is happening below and who builds the fastest cars in the comments below.