720S McLaren Videos

McLaren 720S (Modified) Runs 1/4-Mile in the 8’s for First Time

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Using 0 to 60 mph times as a comparison for cars or even a highlight seems to not be as important as it once was. This must be because cars are just becoming too quick and are starting to his limits. Think about it, we’re going to get to a point where cars will accelerate as quickly as mechanically possible and milliseconds are going to separate the quickest from the second quickest. Many manufacturers are now showing off the 0 to 124 mph times of their cars and sometimes their quarter-mile times.

In the aftermarket world, it’s all about those quarter-mile times and the search for being the world’s fastest. Recently, a heavily modified McLaren 720S riding on a set of Anrky Wheels ran a quarter-mile sprint in the 8s. According to our friend Brooks from DragTimes, this was the first McLaren to run an 8-second quarter-mile. Modifications included on the car include pure turbos, velocity exhaust, no cats and a bit more. Check out the run in the video above.