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Maserati MC12 at Goodwood (Video)

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There are videos that you can watch just once and be happy, and then there are videos like this one.

Uploaded today to YouTube by Maserati is a video of the legendary MC12 taking on the Hillclimb at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Driver Michael Bartels is behind the wheel of the race car, pushing through the corners and tight straights of the track, not holding anything back.

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The sound of the V12 is enough to make anyone stop what they’re doing and listen. Adding to the sounds of the video are the fantastic shots of the car as it makes its way from start to finish, giving everyone a look into Maserati’s racing heritage.

Be sure to watch and listen by clicking the play button above. You won’t regret it. And also, be sure to click the button below to see the MC12s we currently have listed for sale.

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(Source: Maserati / YouTube)


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