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What It’s Like Taking Delivery of a One-of-a-Kind McLaren Senna

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Manny Khoshbin recently took delivery of a McLaren Senna that’s unlike any other one we’ve seen thus far. It’s finished in special livery that was designed to honor the late Ayrton Senna. The bright orange/red paint on this Senna is that same as the paint used on the Marlboro #12 race car that Ayrton Senna raced. All of this was made possible through McLaren Special Operations’ abilities and McLaren Newport Beach, who the car was ordered through.

Khoshbin recently posted up a video of his experience while taking delivery of his Senna. It all started with the car being covered up on McLaren Newport Beach’s showroom floor. After seeing just how much presence the Senna had, even when covered, Khoshbin couldn’t wait any longer and had to see what his one-of-a-kind McLaren looked like. After pulling off the sheets, he was greeted with a supercar finished in bright paint that almost required sunglasses.

Check out the full video above and be sure to check out McLaren Newport Beach’s inventory by clicking the button below.

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