Mad Mike Explores Japan’s Wild Supercar Culture

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Japan has one of the most diverse and wild car cultures in the world. From Lamborghinis covered in LED lights to Bosozoku cars with massive pipes and protruding front lips, the cars you’ll find at meets are anything but normal. Mad Mike recently visited Japan to take a look at the culture and a few specific subcultures within the country. His first stop was to meet Kato-San, the founder of Liberty Walk. Then he visited a shop known for their lowriders, called Cholo’s Customs. Mad Mike says that this shop is a perfect example of “American styling done correct in Japan.” Next up was a meet with the famous customizer of K-trucks, Kazuo Oda. These vehicles are widely used because of their low registration fee that comes with their minimal power output. After this, was a trip to meet up with the famous LED-covered supercars of Japan. The best part of this bit was Shinichi Morohoshi of Fighting Star saying: “The reason why I started putting LED’s on Lamborghini’s is because driving an unmodified Lamborghini is boring.” Epic. Sightseeing at a Dekotora truck meet was Mad Mike’s next stop, where you can see semi-trucks decked out with bizarre styling and a plethora of lights. To me, this is one of the most interesting automotive subcultures in Japan. Of course, they don’t hold a candle to the Bosozoku cars, which are really the outlaws of the roads in Japan. Click play below to see them all for yourself.