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She Built a Secret Porsche Collection, Traded Horses for Horsepower

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Lisa Taylor built her very first car, which was an Aztec kit car, with her dad. He owned multiple exotic cars, including the very first Ferrari Testarossa. However, he never owned a Porsche. When Lisa drove her first Porsche years later in 1981, she was hooked and has owned one ever since then.

In a video documenting her collection, by Car Throttle, we learn Lisa swapped her horses for cars with plenty of horsepower. In her collection are a lot of Porsches in exciting colors, like her Ruby Star 911 GT3 RS and 1973 911 Carrera RS in Oslo Blue. The Oslo Blue is one of her favorites out the collection and she says she had taken in on rallies. She did manage to sneak a few modern pleasantries into this classic 911, like a radio and air conditioning.

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Lisa also mentions how many think her cars belong to her boyfriend. She says they think that “women don’t collect cars.” “Being a female in car collecting is very rare,” Lisa notes. Thankfully we have people out there like Lisa that prove that the automotive culture is for everyone, regardless of gender. Check out the video below to see her amazing collection and learn about her trip to Monterey Car Week with other colorful Porsches.