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What it’s Like to Work at Porsche

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Everyone has their own morning routine when they go into work. From picking up coffee at your local joint to taking that detour to avoid the traffic, we all have our morning rituals. For Porsche’s latest video, they took a look at one employee’s morning routine and his trip through the company.

Honestly, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen from an automaker in some time. This isn’t about a car revving its engine or touting a new model, it’s a pretty personal video that celebrates some of their employees. What’s awesome is that the Porsche employees featured range from their Ilona Eberle, a catering employee, to Dr. Lutz Krauss, Head of Human Machine Interaction. However, it’s the end that really got me when I realized what this video was really all about. Watch the video for yourself below.

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