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What it’s Like Dyno Testing a Tuned Ferrari 488 GTB

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Most people have never strapped their car down on a dyno and that’s a shame, because that means most people will never have a fun sheet that acts as a grade sheet for their cars power. For these people, I have a fun little video of a Ferrari 488 GTB that has had its ECU remapped being strapped down for dyno testing.

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In the video by NM2255, we get to see and hear the turbocharged Ferrari being put under load for the sake of information. The result? Well, I’ll just go ahead and let you know that this 488 GTB lays down 724 hp and 618 lb-ft of torque, much more than the stock model’s 660 hp and 561 lb-ft.

Check out the video below to see the test happen.

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