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What It’s Like to Drive a Ferrari F40 Through the Alps

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Henry Catchpole of EVO has a pretty amazing job and he proves it in a video uploaded to YouTube Aug. 8.

In the video, Catchpole talks about his epic road trip through the Alps in a Ferrari F40. Many travel across the globe to venture through these Swiss roads, but there are not many who travel to these epic roads in a car as incredible as the F40.

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Catchpole talks about how the drive was in the video, discussing how demanding yet rewarding the F40 is. He points out the difficulty of smooth gear changes, the awkward seating, the turbocharged power and more.

Check out the video above to learn what it’s like to drive a classic turbocharged Ferrari through some of the most gorgeous roads on the face of Earth.

Gallery by Dean Smith

(Source: EVO / YouTube)


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