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Lamborghini Gallardo Performante Goes Swimming in Lake

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With four wheels meant to roll on the ground, it’s common knowledge that sports cars and supercars are meant to be driven on the road. But, sometimes, some people want a change of pace.

Case in point, this Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Performante driver. He decided to take his supercar down to Lake Bonneville in Utah for a swim in the lake. It seems that a photo shoot was taking place and the drifting of the Gallardo was done for the photos.

Being in Lake Bonneville, I can assume that the lake the car was driving in was quite salty, which could do extensive damage to a car, but thankfully they took the cars to a self-serve car wash immediately after for extensive car washes.

It seems that this wasn’t the first Lamborghini to go swimming. In fact, during the intense floods of California about a month ago, another Lamborghini Gallardo was seen driving through deep waters on the road.

What do you guys think about these Lamborghini in the water? Blasphemy or just owners having fun?

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