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Lamborghini Aventador vs. Toyota Supra (Video)

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New influences on aftermarket tuning have arisen because of movies such as the “Fast and the Furious” for years, encouraging enthusiasts to perfect their imported cars. And yet, once you get past the special effects and come back to reality, you’d think a Toyota with some upgrades couldn’t stand a chance next to a Ferrari. Think again. These Supras filmed by Nue Vue Photography do better.

In the first video, you find this green racing machine coming alongside a Lamborghini Aventador again and again, consistently blowing it away. The driver even takes a moment to play with his exotic competition before whistling past. Keep in mind, the two cars are driven by professional drivers and should only be driven like this under such circumstances.

While we don’t promote the idea of street racing, nor do we suggest that either of these cars is better than the other, it’s amazing to see what fine tuning can really do. For a car from the 90’s to be able to face off with one of the world’s most renowned super cars with little effort is amazing, and shows what a little sweat, grit and bloodshed can do for a hard working enthusiast.