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LaFerrari Hits 213 MPH (Video)

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We all know Ferrari‘s LaFerrari is an incredible machine that combines hybrid technology with raw Italian power and style. However, we haven’t really seen LaFerrari pushed to its limits yet.

That is, we hadn’t, until now.

Uploaded Oct. 1 to YouTube by David Yu is an onboard video of a LaFerrari hitting 213 mph. The video was taken at the Vmax200 EvoMax event held Sept. 20. According to Lash20, the event was held at an undisclosed 2-mile strip in the United Kingdom, and the only way to gain access was to be registered as a participant.

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The LaFerrari is powered by both a V12 gasoline engine and an electric motor. The V12 pumps out a menacing 800 hp, while the HY-KERS electric motor produces an extra 163 hp, bringing the total power output to 963 hp. The 6262 cc V12 used in LaFerrari is the most powerful naturally-aspirated engine ever used in a Ferrari road car. Combined torque from both engines is more than 663 lb-ft, meaning this car has at least 178 lb-ft of torque more than the Enzo. Also, a 0-60 mph run can be be accomplished in under 3 seconds.

Watch the video above and let us know if you would be willing to hit 200 mph in a LaFerrari (under professionally supervised conditions, of course).

(Source: David Yu / YouTube via BoldRide)

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