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LaFerrari Driven by Fernando Alonso (Video)

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Ferrari is almost ready to send the LaFerrari out to customers, but before the do, there is the standard tweaking and tuning that must occur. In order to make these changes, they need to get an expert opinion and who better than Fernando Alonso?

Before making his way to the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso was given time to take the Ferrari for a spin around the track. Along with his teammate, Felipe Massa, they were both able to provide some insight on the car’s drive. Alonso has actually been involved with the development of this car from the very beginning and was working with the engineers in order to create this monster of a supercar.

From the video, it looks like the Spaniard had a great time flying around the track – looks like he got a little sideways around some corners. Its going to be exciting when we finally get a chance to see what the LaFerrari can really do, not only around the track, but in a straight line as well. Be sure to check back for more news on the LaFerrari (typing “the LaFerrari” still feels weird).