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Koenigsegg CCX Races Nissan GTR Over 200 mph to Surprising Result

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Koenigsegg’s models all look like they’re ready to take interplanetary flight at mach speeds thanks to their spaceship-like exteriors and cockpits. The Nissan GTR has a sharp exterior that’s not as extreme as a Koenigsegg’s, but is still very much aggressive.

What I’m trying to say is if you put the two next to each other for a race, you’d expect a Koenigsegg to take it. However, the GTR’s ability to take on extreme modifications make it quite the sleeper in just about any race.

A perfect example of the GTR’s ability is the video, found below, of a Koenigsegg CCX taking on a Nissan GTR in Turkey. Even from the rear, the Koenigsegg looks like a rocket ship ready to blast off.

But, when the two line up and hit the pedal, the GTR becomes the real rocket. Check out the video below to see the race in action (we do not the condone the act of speeding on public roads; always follow your local traffic laws).

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