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John Hennessey Teaches You How to Burnout (Video)

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Doing a real burnout does not happen by accident. It takes quite a bit of knowledge about burnouts in order to perform a quality one. And, while many may think the burnout is done just to show off, it is also used at drag strips in order to warm the tires for better traction.

If you plan on performing a burnout before your next run at the drag strip, make sure you watch the video above. It was uploaded by Hennessey Performance (hpedesign) to YouTube on June 18 and it stars John Hennessey himself teaching two of his sons how to properly perform a burnout and, ultimately, take a car down a straight.

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What makes the video even better is that he is teaching them how to do so in a 750 hp Cadillac CTS-V Wagon with Hennessey Performance’s HPE750 kit.

Be sure to check out the video above to learn from a professional.


The duPont REGISTRY does not endorse attempting this type of a maneuver unless under professionally supervised conditions. Doing a burnout can be incredibly dangerous, as the car can launch forward unexpectedly if the front brakes aren’t strong enough. It is also an incredibly destructive maneuver for brakes and tires, and can cause damage to your vehicle when not executed properly.


(Source: Hennessey Performance)


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