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John Cena Shows Off his Low Mileage Ford GT

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If you are looking for a supercar for sale, there is no reason to not consider a pre-owned Ford GT. They are over-engineered from in every sense of the word, and nothing in the body or engine is irreplaceable. A local celebrity near Tampa, Florida who has a fine taste in automobiles is WWE Superstar John Cena. The Bella Twins are also hometown heroes, and John recently announced his engagement to Nikki Bella. Her YouTube uploads are a sneak peak behind the curtains of pro-wrestling, and it’s nice to know that some celebrities know how to deal with being famous.

04-06 Ford GT Horsepower, Prices & Specs

Mr. Cena is passionate about his car collection, and it looks like he is meticulous when it comes to the details. He ordered his 2005 Ford GT with three of the four options that were made available originally. It has forged wheels, red calipers, and the McIntosh audio system, but stripes are nowhere to be found. The GT is devoid of graphics to keep it a mystery at a distance. It also makes the car incredibly rare to collectors. Like every other Ford fan, he is patiently waiting for the new Ford GT, so maybe this pristine example will head for the auction block. If you are looking for a nice used Ford GT, you could always challenge him to a Smackdown….Or you could save your life and find one from our dealers. Stay with us for the next installment of John Cena: Auto Geek.