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Inside David Lee’s Ferrari Collection

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David Lee, a well-known California-based Ferrari collector, has an impressive collection, and YouTuber, Shmee150, takes viewers on a tour of the collection with David Lee on hand. Starting with the “Ferrari Big Five”, Lee tells us he acquired the Ferrari Enzo and then decided, after choosing to collect only Ferraris, to obtain the Enzo siblings. After the Enzo, he obtained the F50, followed by the F40, and then the 288 GTO— which he states was the hardest to find, and finally, the LaFerrari. All of the aforementioned examples are finished in the famed Ferrari Rosso Corsa.

Oh, and he acquired all these cars in 3 years.

Next, Lee takes us to the amazing 1964 250 GTO Lusso Competizione finished in yellow with the racing stripes fashioned in the colors of the Italian Flag. This specific model is one of just a handful of competition examples made and was a regular in Norway races.

Lee takes pride, not only in his collection, but also in keeping with color themes– white for modern models, red for the Big Five, and black, silver or yellow for the classic models. He also hints to the Ferrari models he’s expecting and which one is his daily driver (can you guess which model he drives on the day-to-day?)

Check out the full video below.

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