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Hennessey Venom GT at Circuit of the Americas

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John Hennessey and his team made a short trip to Austin, Texas, for the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) with their prized Venom GT and a couple other toys. To have a little extra fun on all 20 turns of the 3.4 mile track, John Hennessey brought his personal car, as well as Hennessey General Manager Dave Golder’s Nissan GT-R with an HSE 750 upgrade. John’s car, a Cadillac CTS-V with an HSE 750 upgrade, can be seen in the first video below, racing through the track in pouring rain that they were unfortunate enough to encounter on day one. The car is driven by journalist Doug Kott.

Due to Hennessey’s crew facing troubling weather, they were forced to keep the Venom GT stowed away in its trailer for the day for, well, safety reasons. Meanwhile, John’s CTS-V and Golder’s GT-R raced around the track as quickly as conditions would permit. Reaching speeds of up to 115 mph where they were able, it was only a taste of what they’d be able to do the next day when the track was dry.

The second video shows the Venom GT chasing behind Golder’s GT-R, which has a GoPro camera suction mounted to the back. We will mention that the Venom GT was toned down to about 75% power, and the regulations for the track run permitted no passing, but that didn’t stop the Venom on one straight away. Watch the videos to get a feel of what it’s like riding in John Hennessey’s projects on a world renowned racetrack, and read Hennessey’s account of the experience at the link below.

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