Girl Burns Out Gumpert Apollo S In Monaco

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In 2005, Gumpert started the production on the Apollo, one of the most bizarre and aggressive looking supercars to ever be made. It was powered by a twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 that produced 641 hp, putting it at a top speed of around 223 mph. Unfortunately, Gumpert entered administration 2012 even though they attended the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. And now, Gumpert has been reborn as “Apollo,” introducing the N and Arrow. That being said, the Apollo will always have its spot in the automotive world.

One person that knows the power of the Gumpert Apollo S is a certain driver in Monaco. A 21-year-old girl took a 700 hp orange Apollo S out for a joyride at Top Marques Monaco 2016, sliding out around corners and burning out the tires. Check out the video, taken by MDKSuperCars, below to see it for yourself.

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