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Ford GT Sets New Top Speed Record at Texas Mile at 293.6 MPH

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Top Speed racing pushes production cars faster than anyone intended, and they are gaining popularity around the world. One of the biggest gatherings takes place in Victoria, Texas and its known as the Texas Mile. Victoria Regional Airport was originally Foster AFB and it has a 1.7-mile runway that was used for pilot training. Last week a Heritage Edition Ford GT arrived with serious horsepower. Built by M2K Motorsports, it had previously reached 280 mph but they wanted more. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ was allowed unprecedented access to the car, and its details will take your breath away.

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The 5.4-liter engine retains the stock displacement, but that’s about it. Starting at the top, Wilson fabricated a massive intake manifold with built in heat exchangers. Each cylinder is topped by twin 220-pound injectors….My injectors are 28.6 pounds so I had to pause for a minute. Giant injectors are needed because the car is running straight Methanol for fuel. One of the most dangerous liquids in racing, even a small amount can cause permanent blindness and neuro damage. It also burns with an invisible flame, so spilling it is not advised. Twin 85mm turbos feed 45 psi of boost to an engine with 13:1 compression.

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This might seem like a recipe for destruction, but Methanol gets very cold when injected, so you can run as much compression as your crank will handle. To make sure the intake air is cold, the heat exchanger is fed by 40 gallons of ice water from a tank where the passenger seat once was. The factory dry sump oiling system was retained, but it now has 18 quarts to keep the bearings happy. Twin 66 mm wastegates are controlled by pressurized C02 from an onboard tank. What does this all add up to? As far as horsepower and torque, an accurate reading can’t be made because no chassis dyno can handle it. The only aspect not disclosed is the differential ratio. Listen closely to the anti-lag system at launch. The car makes so much power that the twin 75 mm throttles can not be opened fully in first gear.

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We congratulate M2K on this historic run, and in pushing the limits of street-legal cars. If you would like to attempt this in your Ford GT we have several to choose from. It will probably be a few years until someone does this to the new GT, so stay with us for more top speed news.