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Ford GT Sets New Lap Record at VIR

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Many legends exist about Virginia International Raceway. No, it wasn’t plotted by Washington or Jefferson. It is not a Native American burial ground. It is simply one of the best tracks in the world. With long straights and demanding off-camber turns, you really need to bring a world-class supercar (like the new Ford GT) if you want to get the most from your visit.

Our friends at Car & Driver asked Ford to test the car back in may, but it wasn’t quite ready. But once it was, they recorded a blistering time of 2:43.0. This lap beats the Porsche 918 by only a tenth of a second, but it was 4 mph faster at the entry of the climbing esses.

In race mode, the advanced suspension relies on torsion bars for incredible grip. Even with the latest in technology, good old-fashioned understeer arrived at 3:42. Check out the wild footage below, and tell us where you would drive your Ford GT in the comments below.

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