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First US Customer McLaren P1 GTR Delivery

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Delivered in “one hell of a truck,” according to a disembodied voice in effspot’s December 26 video, was a McLaren P1 GTR. Per the video’s description, this could be the very first P1 GTR delivered to a U.S. customer. The delivery truck dropped off the car at 100oct’s Cars & Croissants event the same day the video was uploaded. This walk-around video can be view below.

Making the English race car more notable than it already is is its dark green and orange color scheme- if you’re Miami Hurricanes fan, this one’s for you. Upon first glance, this P1 GTR’s green finish appears almost black, and it isn’t until the sunlight hits it that you can see the dark hue.

BrianZuk was also on hand at the event for the car’s delivery. His video, uploaded on December 27, can also be viewed below.

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(Source: YouTube)