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Ferrari 458 Street Fighter Race Car Makes Taco Run

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Nue Vue Photography recently had an encounter with what looks to be the most insane street-legal Ferrari 458 Italia we’ve ever seen. In the video above, uploaded to YouTube Sept. 22, Nue Vue gives us a close-up look at the Ferrari 458 “Street Fighter.” This video also has some shots of the street-legal race car shooting flames.

In the description of the video embedded above are some of the modifications made to this 458, all of which were completed by Avid Motorsports. Here is the list:

  • Avid Race Exhaust
  • Avid 2 Way Race Suspension
  • Avid 8 Point Roll Cage with Double Crash Bars
  • Sparco Evo Race Seats
  • OMP 6 Point Seat Belts
  • Custom Race Graphics
  • Front Lexan Window
  • Custom OZ Wheels
  • Pirelli Race Slicks

As an added bonus, below is a video of what it’s like to go on a taco run in the 458 Street Fighter. The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 19 by Nue Vue as well, sheds light on why cupholders are always an important detail.

(Source: Nue Vue Photography)