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Duct Tape Changed the Mustang Forever

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Every time a new car is being designed, engineers and stylists are locked in conflict. The engineers hope to extract every ounce of efficiency from the body, and this usually causes changes to the style. In terms of aerodynamics, the front grille is always a source of argument. A smaller opening will hold the nose down at high speeds by forcing air around the car instead of through the radiator. A larger grille helps to cool the engine, but it also causes drag on the highway.

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The 2018 Ford Mustang is arriving with a thorough set of upgrades and a flashy new look. As it was being finalized, two engineers compromised with an age-old adhesive: Duct Tape. NASCAR teams and shade tree mechanics know full well it can make or break a race. That is why crew chiefs and drivers argue about how much tape should be used during the race. At Super Speedway tracks, the air pressure under the radiator can become high enough to lift the front tires.

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Loss of steering is not a good situation. The 1963 Corvette Stingray was designed with large vents in the hood to prevent lift, but stylists won and they gave it a solid hood with fake vents. Back in Dearborn, two Mustang engineers compromised by adding a strip of tape to the lower grille.

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Mike Del Zio is a vehicle dynamics engineer noticed that it wasn’t as responsive as predicted when cornering at high speeds. Jonathan Gesek is an aerodynamics engineer who showed up with Duct Tape. The press release says the small strip made a world of difference, and it helps to raise the EPA fuel economy of the new Mustang by up to 5.6%. If you are in the market for a new or used Ford Mustang for sale, click on the link below and tell us your most ingenious use of Duct Tape in the comments below.

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