/DRIVE’s Full-Length Episode in Monaco (Video)

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/DRIVE’s most recent installment, now airing on NBC Sports Network, provides quite a collection of stunning features as the three hosts – Chris Harris, Matt Farah, and Mike Spinelli – drive three of the most iconic Formula  1-inspired vehicles across Europe to arrive at the Circuit de Monaco.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, and the McLaren 650S are given an exposé through the engaging Route Napoleon, or N-85, a road seemingly worth driving for anyone who enjoys a pleasant stretch of pavement. Yet these aspects are not the only quality features to /DRIVE’s twenty-two minute long episode.

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The production standard of the episode demonstrate /DRIVE’s professionalism and the musical score behind the roar of these four-wheeled beasts complements each moment nicely. If you’re in search of information about beautiful, late model exotic machines and a few chuckles, /DRIVE certainly has the answer.

The episode comes to a close in Monaco, where the three hosts reflect on the mind-blowing precision and uncompromising courage required of the F1 drivers who have tackled this track.

(Source: /DRIVE / YouTube)


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