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David Lee’s Ferrari Collection– Best Ever?

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Well-known Los Angeles celebrity jeweler, David S.K. Lee, might just have the best Ferrari collections we’ve ever seen. In the car world, he’s known to have one of the most complete Ferrari collections, and in the video below, we catch a glimpse of five generations of Ferraris in action. Lee displays his 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo, LaFerrari– all of which are finished in the timeless Rosso Corsa– in front of his shop for the RPM Exotic Car Gathering. And Exotic Affinity catches the action on tape.

You can check out photos here, thanks to the Hing Wa Lee Jewelers Facebook Page.

The event brought out quite a crowd and many car aficionados brought their supercars out to play, but Lee’s collection took center stage. Check out the video below with startups and driving of each of these iconic models.