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Can the Acura NSX Beat a Tesla SUV?

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The new Acura NSX is a remarkable hybrid sports car that has brought a model back to life. The Tesla Model X is a new electric SUV that’s unlike any other vehicle on the road, aside from other Tesla models. What do these two have in common? They both have an “X” in their model name…

New Tesla Roadster: Quickest Car in the World

These two models are so incredibly different, but that’s what makes drag racing so much fun. It doesn’t matter what car you’re in, it’s always exciting to see how it stacks up against the different cars of the world. For today, we get to see if the NSX can take down the lightning-quick Model X. The Model X comes bone-stock, as it should, while the NSX has new downpipes installed. Check out the video below to see which of these two come in first place! I will note there was a large discrepancy between the reaction time between the two cars.