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Camaro Loses Brakes at 100 MPH, Make Most Amazing Recovery You’ve Ever Seen

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If you’ve ever played a racing video game before, you’re well aware of the braking tactic known as “ramming into other cars that are already in the corner.” While this works well in a virtual reality setting, it doesn’t go over so well in real life. This is why brakes are so important when it comes to racing on the track in real life and also in everyday driving. So, when these brakes fail at 100 mph in a Chevrolet Camaro at Sebring International Raceway, what do you do?

Think fast.

At Sebring, a Camaro driver was pushing the muscle car hard around the track and doing a fine job of it. When it came to the famous hairpin turn, something when awry and the brakes failed. Thanks to some incredibly quick thinking and knowledge of the track, the driver took the race car off of the track, smashed through a gate, barely missed a truck and took it right into the parking lot of the race track’s neighboring hotel. Thanks to his intuition, the damage was minimized.

If this were me, I’d say I might need a new pair of pants after the incident. You be the judge and watch the video below. Think you could act this fast?

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