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How To Build A BMW M2 Drift Machine? LS Swap It

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We stumbled across something wild back in August, but we couldn’t comprehend it. BMW released the M2 for the European market last year, but it has taken some time for them to reach the US. SpeedHunters went to Latvia to reveal the secrets behind HGK Motorsports and their F22 Eurofighter. As one of the leaders in the drifting scene, their expertise has led to prolific success in fabrication and aftermarket parts.

The new BMW M2 has an internal chassis code of F22, and Eurofighter is Europe’s front line air defense jet. So if the name is a combination of US and European aircraft, what’s under the hood? The following information will cause you to get fighting mad, or fill you with glee. HGK removed the brand new 3.0-liter straight six to lighten the nose. In its place is a 7.6-liter LS V8 from MAST motorsports. Turbos and superchargers are fine for most forms of racing, but drifting requires instant and brutal power. Horace Mast was the firs person to unlock GM’s cam phaser tuning a few years ago, and his company has been building incredible LS power. The 466ci beast uses an aluminum block and 305cc LS7 heads to make 820 hp and 678 lb-ft of torque.

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A sequential transmission is the best way to keep power flowing, and the cooling system was moved to the trunk for protection and weight bias. No expense was spared, as the body was taken down to bare metal in order to improve on perfection. On top of the factory spot welds, each panel was fully stitch welded together for a strong unibody. This was needed to support the wide body fenders and bumper reinforcements. A quick-change differential is the best of both worlds, as long as you like the smell of 90wt. If you would like to do this yourself, our dealers have several M2s to choose from, and if you need a donor engine look for a used Cadillac CTS-V. Stay with us for more wild builds.

RAW – HGK BMW F22 Eurofighter Run