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How to Build an AMG Engine

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AMG lives according to the philosophy of “one man, one engine.” This means each engine is assembled, from start to finish, by only one AMG technician in the Affalterbach factory. From the crankshaft to the cables, this one technician takes care of everything, topping off the engine with a plate bearing his or her name.

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Throughout the building process, each engine undergoes various tests that look for water, oil and fuel leaks. At the end of the build, the delivery condition of the engine is checked through a fully automatic image processing system. What’s more, the entire proceess is documented by the AMG Trace System. This documentation is so extensive that it includes tightening torques of all bolted connections, fluid levels, component information and much more.

Above is a video that documents the build process from start to finish. This video was uploaded by TestDriven on Nov. 7, 2013. Below are some images that were posted by Mercedes-Benz‘s official Facebook page today.

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