Bugatti Chiron Videos

Bugatti Chiron in Exposed Red Carbon Fiber Spotted in Monaco

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Along the Mediterranean coast of France exists a playground for the rich & famous. You won’t see many Saturns or Pontiacs in Monaco, but you might catch the latest Bugatti in action. This new Bugatti Chiron is a 1,500 horsepower work of art that is a spectacle in the sun. The first footage we see of the car in the sunlight shows the composite weave peaking through a red clear coat. Destined to attract attention everywhere it goes, a few blips of the throttle sound like nothing else on the road.

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A four stroke gas engine is balanced with eight cylinders sharing one crankshaft, so a 16 cylinder engine runs very smooth. It won’t spin to Formula1 rpm, but it makes up for high revs with incredible power. Four turbochargers allow it to make 1,180 lb-ft at only 2,000 rpm. A Haldex AWD system is similar to what is used on the Aventador, using electronic differentials to instantly change where power is applied. But all the power and technology will rarely be used to their full potential. Given the substantial price of even the cleanest pre-owned Bugatti Veyrons, most examples will be destined to a life of leisure in the world’s most exclusive locations. Stay with us for all the latest Chiron cinematography.