Bugatti Chiron Videos

Bugatti Brings 9,404 Horsepower to Goodwood

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You didn’t read a typo. What happened earlier today in England was an impressive display of sixteen-cylinder power. Bugatti chose eight significant examples of the Veyron to show the evolution of the brand. They provide a brilliant contrast to the new Chiron, as it displayed what 1,500 horsepower is capable of. Many enthusiasts will fail to spot the changes made to the Veyron during its reign. A 2005 prototype was the first to arrive. Following close behind was a 2007 Pur Sang, the World Record Edition Super Sport, and the Grand Sport Vitesse.

In a YouTube upload late last night, the Chiron makes a few blistering runs for the audience. Excellent camera work shows the latest Bugatti to have more ground clearance than you might expect. The worst feature of supercars is they are usually super low. Four open wastegates make for a unique exhaust note. They are open because the turbos aren’t needed at such a leisurely pace. The big sixteen doesn’t sound too stressed on this run. It has 500 lb-ft of torque at 1,000 rpm… it could beat you at an idle. If you need more cylinders in your life, we always have several Bugatti Veyrons for sale. Tell us which one you would drive and stay with us for all your Goodwood coverage.