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On Board a Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO Around Road America

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The Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO is built for track-use, meaning there are only a select few that will have a chance to drive the car. However, race car driver Anthony Lazzaro takes us with him behind the wheel of the Italian race car for an exciting lap around Road America in a new video uploaded to YouTube by Ferrari today.

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Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo

Engine: 4.5-liter V8
HP: 577
Torque: 590 lb-ft
Weight: 2,815.4 lbs

Be sure to watch the video (above) to learn how to properly drive a race car around what Lazzaro refers to in the video as one of the fastest race tracks in the world.

Powering the Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO is a V8 engine that produces 561 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. The car’s predecessor is the 458 Challenge, which did not feature the aerodynamic bodykits found on the EVO. When the downforce-generating body kit works with the powerful engine and light weight of 2,814 lbs, the 458 Challenge EVO takes off.

Aiding in the car’s traction on the track is the F1-Trac traction control system. This system allows the car to continuously estimate grip and uses this information to boost the car’s performance, allowing for extraordinary lateral acceleration when cornering.

This car is an absolute monster on the track and can be seen during this year’s Ferrari Challenge North America racing series. Featured below are two videos uploaded by Ferrari today highlighting the Road America races that took place over the weekend.

(Source: Ferrari / YouTube)


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