The Car That Can be Any Car: The Blackbird

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Ads of any kind are costly and time-consuming to make. In the automotive industry, this is especially true because of continuous changes to body style and availability. These limitations make keeping up with advertising more difficult for car makers, cutting into their revenue, but the Blackbird is set to change that.

The Blackbird, designed by The Mill, is a fully adjustable car rig that can adapt its appearance to virtually any make and model thanks to CGI. The developers are able to change the drive performance and wheels to match any vehicle. This unprecedented development has the ability to change automotive advertising forever. For the first time, car makers won’t need the physical car to create an ad or video.

The Blackbird can alter its length up to four feet and width up to ten inches. In addition, it can change wheels and alter suspension so it can mimic literally any vehicle whether that vehicle be a 1960 Shelby Mustang or the 2016 Lamborghini Centenario. Pretty crazy, right?

Want to learn more about the Blackbird? Check out the full YouTube video from The Mill below.