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Baby Buys 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite

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Some of us might not be comfortable placing our $200 dollar smart phone in the hands of a baby, but this was not the case for Portland, Oregon dad Paul Stote. While his baby daughter was playing with his phone, she managed to place a bid on eBay. Seemingly a harmless mishap except for the fact that the last viewed pages on this father’s eBay account were filled with sports cars. Luckily the toddler didn’t take an interest in the recently viewed $38,000 dollar Porsche, instead she took a liking to the 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite. After she stealthily placed a $225 dollar bid, dad got a call congratulating him on his purchase.

After a brief moment of panic and an attempt to cancel the sale, Stote decided that the car might actually prove useful. Although its condition was rough to say the least the Stout family has planned on restoring the 1962 Sprite, but not for their own use. Baby Sorella will receive her first purchase when she turns 16. If nothing else, this toddler’s 1962 Austin-Healey purchase will make for a great story in years to come.