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Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Blades Edition: Inspired By Flight

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Five lucky Aston Martin owners have taken delivery of the most beautiful V8 Vantage S models we have ever seen. The Blades are a British Aerobatic team regarded as the best civilian aviators in the world. To showcase the abilities of Aston Martin’s Q customization department, each V8 Vantage S was built to replicate one of the five stunt planes flown by The Blades. In a YouTube video uploaded earlier this morning, it is easy to see how potent the Vantage S really is.

Aston Martin spared no expense for the new owners, as they were given training in an F1 simulator along with flight instruction in the team’s chase helicopter. With each car serialized to a plane’s tail number and the pilot’s name on the rocker panel, they attacked the tarmac in a battle of air vs land. The V8 Vantage S has no problem outrunning performance tuned aircraft, but it makes for great entertainment.

It looks as if there is no limit to what Aston Martin’s Q division can accomplish, so stay tuned to Autofluence for more Aston Martin news.

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