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How To Deliver The Aston Martin One-77 & Cold Startup

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When it comes to exhaust, nothing in the world sounds like Aston Martin’s One-77. They are rarely seen outside, so we’re glad to share this delivery video. Uploaded to YouTube by Fipeux, you have the opportunity to listen to the big 7.3L V12 awaken. The unique “burbles” and choppy idle are the result of four aggressive camshafts and open bypass valves.

Only 77 examples were produced, each one capable of surpassing 220 mph. Performance was rated at 553 lb-ft of torque and 750 hp, which is channeled through a single clutch automatic transmission. Instead of a body of hand formed alloys, the One-77 is almost entirely made of carbon fiber. Big V12 engines won’t be around much longer, so let’s be thankful for the few that are still with us. Just enough of a lean idle misfire to annoy your homeowners association is what we like to hear, so turn up your volume and enjoy.

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