Argo Avenger 8×8 Put to Work at duPont REGISTRY Headquarters

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At first glance, you may ask yourself, “Who needs eight-wheel-drive?” The answer is, of course, everyone. Here at the duPont REGISTRY Headquarters, we have found an incredible number of uses for the powerful ATV that is the Argo Avenger 8×8. Our monthly Cars and Coffee show requires the staging and transport of material and personnel both inside and outside the building. On the third Saturday of each month, the Argo is loaded down with six tables, 100 traffic cones and other essentials. Even with such a burden, the performance is unaffected. Because the load is spread across eight massive tires and four axles, the Argo has shrugged off every attempt to test its limits.

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Last week, Mr. duPont’s London Taxi arrived via Reliable Carriers and the driver informed me that it suffered an electrical heart attack as he loaded it. Upon close inspection, the battery leads were made of very thin wire and they were smoking. Mr. duPont, being industrious and not wanting to subject others to the sweltering temperatures of St. Petersburg at 2 pm, grabbed our Argo 8×8 amphibious assault craft and a tow strap. The TX4 diesel London Taxi is 4,400 lbs dry, but the Argo’s four axles and incredibly low gear ratio made easy work of pulling the Taxi up the ramp and back inside. The Argo has a 750cc Kohler Aegis V-twin rated at 30 hp. It jumps to life thanks to electronic fuel injection, and without the fussy nature and lovely smells of chokes and carburetors.

Watch Tom duPont leading his out-of-service Taxi back to HQ above. If the Atlantic Hurricane Season decides to throw a storm our way, stay tuned for the Argo taking on deep waters.