900 hp Dodge Viper w/ Nitrous vs 1000 hp Turbo Toyota Supra

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Some cars make power with boost, while others love nitrous oxide. Regardless of how they do it, racing from a roll can be a great equalizer of unevenly matched cars. In a YouTube video uploaded December 12th by ThatRacingChannel, we find a single turbo (40+ PSI)  MKIV Toyota Supra rolling against a Dodge Viper running a progressive 250 shot.

(Editor’s Note: Do not try this on your own. We do not condone these acts. Always follow local traffic laws and drive safely.)

After watching, there is no denying that 1,000 hp is faster than 900 hp, but the audio gives us a clue. Since the Viper is geared for the race track, dropping to 2nd or 3rd on the highway would grenade the V10. Toyota may build fast cars, but they are geared for fuel economy. That means since 5th gear is 1:1 ratio, the Supra downshifts several gears to spool the big turbo and get moving.

Needless to say, if these two raced from a dig, the Viper’s instant power might outrun the boosted straight six. Bench racing is all in good fun, so tell us what each car could have done differently; and stay tuned to Autofluence for more unlikely matchups

(Source: YouTube via AutoEvolution)