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2019 Porsche 911 Caught Winter Testing

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In order to make sure the upcoming 2019 Porsche 911 is ready for colder climates, autoevolution spotted a test mule somewhere in Northern Europe. It is always exciting to see pre-production cars without camouflage, but often times the engineers behind the wheel get very upset for being made. VW Group’s hot weather lab is two blocks from our headquarters, so we’ve had a chance to see the new RS5 convertible, A3 e-tron and a few Lamborghini Huracans with passengers holding laptops and recording data. Last week we shared a preview of updates for 2018, but these could be a proper send off for the 991 series.

Computer simulations do a fine job of predicting real-world situations, but the human variable is needed when the rubber meets the road. The next 911 appears to have influences from the Panamera in the large rear spoiler and LED taillights. The audio can’t deny the PDK’s shifting abilities, but we’re curious if this car is RWD or AWD. Porsche fans chime in here at 1:55 you see the nose rise when the turbos awake, so tell us if you think the front tires are powered. Telltale signs are mismatched wheels front and rear, and we doubt a base model Carrera will arrive with such a large rear spoiler. The 911 has not had a clean-sheet redesign since the 991 launched in 2011, so this might be an all new car wearing familiar body panels. You know we will have more information as it becomes available, so stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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